Social Responsibility

General Commercial & Industrial is a company that invests heavily in its people, as they are its most important asset. The anthropocentric nature of the company ensures the application of innovative ways of supporting its people and their families.

At the same time, General Commercial & Industrial uses pioneering human resources management systems which aim at attracting, developing and maintaining a high level of human resources. In particular the company:

  • Places emphasis on improving the knowledge and abilities of employees and trains them in technical and administrative matters.

  • Improves working conditions.
  • Trains them in Health and Safety.
  • Provides physicians and social workers in the workplace.

The sensitivity of General Commercial & Industrial is not only confined to matters concerning its own people. The company and its people respond discreetly and without fuss to support our fellow men and the local community. Social contribution also manifests itself in confronting the effects of earthquakes, fires, floods, establishing and equipping hospitals, supporting pupils and students and sponsoring cultural events.

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